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Weird Clocks

Weird Clocks from all around the globe.

Pin Clock - Nifty and retro

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This nifty clock will make some of you remember those pin art toys back in 80's. In that toys you push some shape (or your face) against a pin covered board so it displays the shape.

This clock uses the same principle but to show you the time in a fashion 3D way.
It's an analogic/digital mixture since it displays digital numbers using analogic mechanism (3,000 pins!).

Don't spect some advanced features, It can only display time... but, anyway this is the main goal to a clock isn't it?

Price: $59.95 at Amazon.com

Via: Geeks Are Sexy

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Real Bird Cuckoo Clock / Reloj Cucú con pájaro real

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is simply gross... the clock itself isn´t something extrange, it´s just a simple red digital clock in a metal case... but it is hanging in some real and "crucified" bird!

This "real bird" cuckoo clock is the result of german Michael Sans´s mind. According to him, this bird died of natural causes back in 1958, so he nailed the bird and atached to his neck a digital clock. The result.... some gross unique clock, fortunately is not for sale.

Eso es simplemente grotesco... el reloj en sí no es nada extraordinario, sólo un simple reloj digital con números rojos y carcaza metálica... pero está colgando del cuello de un pájaro real y "crucificado"!

Este reloj cucú con pájaro real es el resultado de la mente del alemán Michael Sans. De acuerdo a él, este pájaro murió de causas naturales en 1958, así que lo clavó por sus alas y le colgó por su cuello el reloj digital. El resultado... un reloj grotesco y único, por suerte no está a la venta.

Via: Michael Sans

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