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Weird Clocks

Weird Clocks from all around the globe.

Orbe LED watch design - the perfect circle

Monday, October 4, 2010

Draft of Victor Benet Montoro from Spain.

This design is inspired the concept of unity.The circle, the Sun icon created it starts rhythm on the clock, from the Centre to the edge, interpreted the multiplicity of solar beams as hours moved the shape of the watch to increase this way relations between the one, as a symbol of perfection of simplicity and of eternity.

It's easy, after pressing the button shown Center, hours and minutes as lights in the surface of the watch.Each line is a Stunde.Jeder white point is 1 minute, and each blue point is 2 minutes. The way to read it is no different than a usual watch because of the position.

Ideal for people, the technology and cooling mode like it would be also popular with people, who are looking for simplicity and usefulness.Ideal for all ages and both men and women, and for each language.

It is a design that combines attractive colours and form with the ease of reading, because there just a key pressed has required a new, exclusive Design.Es it no hard production or complex Uhrwerke.In of fact is based on the same technology, used Tokyoflash.

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