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Nightmare before Christmas clock

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Once again we have in dangers to October, which means that it Canadian Thanksgiving, but also more general October holiday is known: Halloween. At this time of year and at Christmas, a film always emerges - Tim Burton's: A nightmare before Christmas. This film is marketing in his perfectly, because it has the ability to resurface in two holidays a year.

In the film of Halloweentown are the days in the direction of Halloween counting down. The purpose of your entire life dedicated to this and spent most of the year, the planning for this holiday. To help you in their countdown have a clock that counts the days until Halloween arrives.This watch has been rebuilt as a small model and verkauft.Es is now for the price of $ 100 a pretty sweet deal is, especially if you're a year nightmare before Christmas fan.

One of the reasons that this watch is so expensive is because it hand-painted so that it actually one a real Kunstwerk.Leider down until the day of Halloween as the real watch - this clock's world, there are always 59 days left. The clock will be annually correct but at least, it tells the time.

The clock looks good and includes many of the characters from the movie, not only Jack and Sally, who tend to be the main characters are on nightmare before Christmas products finden.Trotz of clock to count not really down, it has a different function to it: lighting up.You could potentially the possibility that runs on AA batteries, use clock as a night light and is 8 inches tall and 7.5 cm wide.

lit up

This clock is perfect for people, the Goth E Goth - wannabe's, emos and - clear - nightmare before Christmas - section.This is fans for only $ 99.50.

For more nightmare before Christmas related of gizmos, check out this LEGO Jack and this Jenga game!

Via: Larryfire

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