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Weird Clocks

Weird Clocks from all around the globe.

Flying watch LEDs in orbit

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Design by Patrick from France.

"Innovation in this concept LED watch is the free push, which the LEDs at your fingertips a finger or other body part without using the other hand, with a" beep "sound, if that half sphere Center pressed to light (see figure below).""They have occupied on the one hand, can turn the clock against the cheek or the hip!"

Patrick describes this concept as a clock for all those by other Galaxy; come female, male, android.Wir like the fun presentation and the consistency of design on the case and gurt.Ein simple design with a timeless theme, its innovative edge aligns with the push button sensor.

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posted by Mr.ADN, 11:14 PM


You're right.
Amazing clock with fun presentation and consistensy design with timeless theme is a collector must have.
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