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Weird Clocks

Weird Clocks from all around the globe.

LED clock squared fascinations time (red)

Monday, October 4, 2010

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Time squared is a cool clock. S a fusion of retro design and modern LED lighting create this one of a child clock. The perfect brightness offer medium intensity Red LEDs used for day or night-time. Large led not found in any other time this smart stylish watch. Definitely a work of art.Easy to use multi-function alarm so you includes never spät.Abmessungen: 9.5 B X H x 1.75 4 d

Fascinations design product too many magical aspects of our WorldAdvance LED - Mellds with nostalgic presentation create lighting - technology - this a kind ClockMedium - show intensity of a blue or Red LEDs offer day and night time UseEasy function alarm to use perfect BrightnessFor

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