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Weird Clocks

Weird Clocks from all around the globe.

Louis Vuitton floating hands Tambour Mysterieuse

Friday, July 10, 2009


The new Louis Vuitton Tambour Mysterieuse Calibre LV115 boast magic floating hands (and extremely luxury watch!).

Hands appear to be floating and the trick is: two transparent sapphire disks supports hour and minute hands ;)

Made of gold and steel you will have to sell a kidney to buy it: $ 265.000. Yes, it's not a mistake. More than a quarter million dollars, but hey. Louis Vuitton gives you get not only the watch but the possibility to customize in the way you want ;)


27488-450x-l_1 27489-450x-l_2 27490-450x-l_3

Via: DVice

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Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz multiwatch


Fantastic timepiece. The new Hamilton ODC X-02 is a multiwatch: you can have up to three time faces of analogic watches at the same time in your wrist. Three big valves inserted at the top of the frame controls each of the faces.

With a futuristic and clean design is specially designed for people who travels the world (even is modelated after the cross-section of an airplane wing).

Made of titanium, will cost you $1.750.

baselworld2009-hamilton-odcx-022-600x476 baselworld2009-hamilton-odcx-02-600x363

Via: Flylyf

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BNB Concept and fantastic Horological timepieces

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Confrérie Horlogere for Only Watch 2009

Mathias Buttet, CEO of BNB Concept has founded a really interesting competition called Confrérie Horlogere, where seven of BNB member's will create personal horological machines to be produced in a very exclusive number (less than ten pieces each).

Here they are:

1.- Ranieri Illicher, from Italy. This is one of his creations:

Ranieri Illicher

The Bel Canto Minute Repiter

2.- Ken Koyishama, fron Japan with his creation: "Racines Japanaise"

3.- Sabitry Montandon

4.- David Rodriguez, from Peru. With his almost autobiographical creation: "La Résilience", in witch you can see scars and stitchings. Curious timepiece.

CH by David Rodriguez La Resilience back5.- Clara Bise

6.- Brigitte Carneiro, with her creation "La Face Cachée"

CH by Brigitte Carneiro Tourbillon Arabesque back

.and one more of her talent: "The Tourbillon Arabesque"

CH by Brigitte Carneiro Tourbillon Arabesque

7.- Gabriel Salgado de Arce with his "ecologic" timepiece called ImmenSEAty (not my favorite. but it's original)

ImmenSEAty by engraver Gabriel Salgado de Arce 2_1

One more companion has been selected for 2009-2010 competition:

8.- Jérome Siegrist, with the amazing horological timemachine called The ANTIKYTHERA:

Antikythera by Jerome Siegrist 2_1

Last but not least, some images of pieced created by BNB Concept:

Classiques Chronographe Tourbillon Pulsion 2_1

Simply fantastic: Le Chronographe Tourbillon " Pulsion "

Link: Watchismo

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Amazing "Delay" Ticking Clicky-Clock

Monday, July 6, 2009


Sometime simple old things come alive in a totally different and unanticipated way.

This is clearly the case! This ticking clicky-clock amaze with it's simplicity and design that contrast with the apparent complexity.

Not safe for "kids at home" ;)

The "Delay" clock (that is called) is 35x35x48 cm, made with inox. metal, and came from the Netherlands.

Enjoy it:

bloommingdelay04 bloommingdelay02 bloommingdelay03

Seen at: Yanko Design

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