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Weird Clocks

Weird Clocks from all around the globe.

High Chrono Watch design

Friday, October 8, 2010

Design by Arnaud from France.

Arnaud came up with this design from his own desire to have a watch that is classic functions but has a unique mix of geometric shape. The design perfectly adds performance and contemporary aesthetics.It is a watch chronograph with tachymeter.Abgesehen of the functions remain traditional chassis design.

This clock of design's performance makes it its unique feature.

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Flying watch LEDs in orbit

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Design by Patrick from France.

"Innovation in this concept LED watch is the free push, which the LEDs at your fingertips a finger or other body part without using the other hand, with a" beep "sound, if that half sphere Center pressed to light (see figure below).""They have occupied on the one hand, can turn the clock against the cheek or the hip!"

Patrick describes this concept as a clock for all those by other Galaxy; come female, male, android.Wir like the fun presentation and the consistency of design on the case and gurt.Ein simple design with a timeless theme, its innovative edge aligns with the push button sensor.

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WATCH THIS watch design

Submitted by Heather from the USA.

 I thought it would be nice to come up with a concept that contains a play on words.The display will say "WATCH THIS" - which you want to attract your attention - especially on a WATCH! then a button will display the time in an interesting way is certainly to watch something.  

 WATCH THIS words are always displayed on the screen.  If a key is pressed, the time with arrows, dots and lines is displayed.The arrows at the top, bottom, right or left of the screen displayed and basically an indication where you look for the hour would represent, if you looked an analog clock type. the letters of the word "WATCH" 5 points over 10 minutes.Below "THIS" is a line and 4 points in points - 5 minutes to representing every 1 minute.

This design is for someone who likes a clock, which is often a topic of conversation. Besides the person shall be ready to say adapt to this new kind of time.

The words on the screen are there say how awesome look to keep will when the time to sagen.Dann seems to say to watch the arrows!

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Detoir - A watch design for men

Design by Evans from the USA.

Evans before that "today and into the future LED watch design" submitted and says "by listen to critics of my previous design, I have that taken points and good points arg and developed this unique but still very masculine design."

The time is easy to read, the images below for Klarheit.Es 6 hours (1 hour bars) in the inner Cirle inside the inner circle is the 7

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Time in seconds - watch design concept

Draft Calvin from UK.

  The watch design is just a black screen watch face with a red LED dot in the middle.Press the button once and the LED dot will appear then disappear four times so you know what the time time tells modified.system, how many seconds the dot before wife reappears. 

  Take 12: 45 as an example.Press the button and the red dot will appear for 1 second then disappear.After 2 seconds pause, the red dot appears again for 2 seconds and then verschwinden.Dann after another pause 2 seconds, the red dot for 4 seconds then show disappear and finally display for 5 seconds then verschwinden.Wenn you are not sure, that the time properly, that down and a normal digital analog at the top of the screen show clock.

With this watch you tell the time on the clock,

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On the track watch design

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Design by Maciej from Poland.

  Maciej says his clock design "my idea was to keep things simple, clean, efficient as possible, but still innovative and has a Tokyoflash style.""I wanted to create something, that has a simple form and pattern, this around the clock without crazy colors or shapes geht.etwas, modest and outstanding at the same time." 

  There is no obvious line between each set of LEDs.Instead there are 26 LEDs with the same shape.First 12 LEDs representing hours, then 10 minutes group and individual Minuten.Es is an option to different colors for each group shows lower or the same colors for all LEDs verwenden.Fall and mechanism are hidden under a dark hard rubber strap, which makes the whole concept clean and modest.

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Nightmare before Christmas clock

Once again we have in dangers to October, which means that it Canadian Thanksgiving, but also more general October holiday is known: Halloween. At this time of year and at Christmas, a film always emerges - Tim Burton's: A nightmare before Christmas. This film is marketing in his perfectly, because it has the ability to resurface in two holidays a year.

In the film of Halloweentown are the days in the direction of Halloween counting down. The purpose of your entire life dedicated to this and spent most of the year, the planning for this holiday. To help you in their countdown have a clock that counts the days until Halloween arrives.This watch has been rebuilt as a small model and verkauft.Es is now for the price of $ 100 a pretty sweet deal is, especially if you're a year nightmare before Christmas fan.

One of the reasons that this watch is so expensive is because it hand-painted so that it actually one a real Kunstwerk.Leider down until the day of Halloween as the real watch - this clock's world, there are always 59 days left. The clock will be annually correct but at least, it tells the time.

The clock looks good and includes many of the characters from the movie, not only Jack and Sally, who tend to be the main characters are on nightmare before Christmas products finden.Trotz of clock to count not really down, it has a different function to it: lighting up.You could potentially the possibility that runs on AA batteries, use clock as a night light and is 8 inches tall and 7.5 cm wide.

lit up

This clock is perfect for people, the Goth E Goth - wannabe's, emos and - clear - nightmare before Christmas - section.This is fans for only $ 99.50.

For more nightmare before Christmas related of gizmos, check out this LEGO Jack and this Jenga game!

Via: Larryfire

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Give your day with the Pacman alarm clock a great start

For most of us getting up is an exercise in the morning. Some of us after snoozing wake up alarm a few times. Some wake up, only for threats made pouring cold water on the head. And most of us get up as early as cursing another day began. The problem is likely the alarm clock who wake us up. If only you were interesting, we had a reason to get up and back with the day.

The ' Pacman alarm clock "promises to be one interesting alerts you can love to wake up."There is nothing of the ordinary hier.Was who Pacman alarm clock design aesthetics and functionality, is a rich tradition that there is an upper alarm clock.

Anyone and everyone who played a video game would have definitely played Pacman: a classic arcade game that has become a social phenomenon and a 80s pop culture Symbol.Gamers spent days trying the yellow semi-circle (Pacman) to eat all the dots in the labyrinth and go on to get the next level. The game had a deep impact on our cultural psyche with Pacman is by most recalled video game character among Americans.

Coming back on the clock, incorporated the Pacman alarm many design and sound elements from his legendary video game cousin which there is an interesting and lovable wake up clock. The time body, is displayed in a half circle is an exact replica of the Pacman character from the video game.The semicircle body is colored in a jovial yellow tone, and has a wide open smile where the time is displayed.

Other symbols and characters of the game were used to indicate the functions of the watch.We have, for example, cherries, the clock snooze function anzeigen.In given that cherries bonus items in the game, is it an apt symbol for the Snooze button.

The best part of the alarm clock is Pacman, it wakes you up with original sounds from the Spiel.stellen you are loved to the sound of a game we play aufwachen.einen perfect start to the day.

If you want to have the perfect start to the day, check out the Pacman alarm clock on Firebox.com.Es is priced at the 14.99 £ icon.

Welcome Monday morning with alerts as Tocky rolling ball alarm clock and Lark gadget really refreshing might!

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LED clock squared fascinations time (red)

Monday, October 4, 2010

More info

Time squared is a cool clock. S a fusion of retro design and modern LED lighting create this one of a child clock. The perfect brightness offer medium intensity Red LEDs used for day or night-time. Large led not found in any other time this smart stylish watch. Definitely a work of art.Easy to use multi-function alarm so you includes never spät.Abmessungen: 9.5 B X H x 1.75 4 d

Fascinations design product too many magical aspects of our WorldAdvance LED - Mellds with nostalgic presentation create lighting - technology - this a kind ClockMedium - show intensity of a blue or Red LEDs offer day and night time UseEasy function alarm to use perfect BrightnessFor

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Orbe LED watch design - the perfect circle

Draft of Victor Benet Montoro from Spain.

This design is inspired the concept of unity.The circle, the Sun icon created it starts rhythm on the clock, from the Centre to the edge, interpreted the multiplicity of solar beams as hours moved the shape of the watch to increase this way relations between the one, as a symbol of perfection of simplicity and of eternity.

It's easy, after pressing the button shown Center, hours and minutes as lights in the surface of the watch.Each line is a Stunde.Jeder white point is 1 minute, and each blue point is 2 minutes. The way to read it is no different than a usual watch because of the position.

Ideal for people, the technology and cooling mode like it would be also popular with people, who are looking for simplicity and usefulness.Ideal for all ages and both men and women, and for each language.

It is a design that combines attractive colours and form with the ease of reading, because there just a key pressed has required a new, exclusive Design.Es it no hard production or complex Uhrwerke.In of fact is based on the same technology, used Tokyoflash.

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Which way? Unique LED watch design.

Submitted by Heather Sable from USA.

Because people with number placement on an analog clock are familiar, it is easy to work from there.  

The design is called "Which Way?" The arrows on the face accentuate this concept. Key figures we find are 12, 3, 6 and 9 to read it.The clock shows which way from there erscheinen.d.h hours (large arrow) or minutes (small arrow).up from 3 hour would position 2 or 6 (30 min) links would be position 7 (35 min) it is 4 triangles in the middle of that light up as minutes.

People who like a watch with an edgy look enjoy this design.

This is a way of time to say, that none of the other watches filed so far used hat.Es looks futuristic and fun.

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Infinite time watch design

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Design of Jakub from the Czech Republic.

  Inspired by the symbol of infinity - that eight is horizontal read time displayed three.The illuminated areas the dial segments, and finally the minutes shows random first hours, then 10 minutes. pressing the left button and the internal symbol and date digit lights.

It is a fun watch Design.Sie may think that time can be read by the inner icon, but it's actually the surrounding spaces, sagen.Es time is a new concept that has many options.

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Decimal time watch design

Design by Xavier from Spain.

Xavier has found a way to control the clock in a new way and hide instead of buttons, he exaggerated you more expressive and offer simple functions.

24 Hour day is divided into 1000 beats, and these also includes clock concept, alarm clock and Datumsfunktionen.Es seems like the naked Sun by Isaac Asimov, metropolis of F. lang more mechanic with all the options that uses the decimal time clearly ausgesetzt.Es in many science fiction materials, Battlestar Galactica and French Revolution.

This design is for the unconventional but practical people.

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A watch with many faces

Friday, October 1, 2010

Here is a nice idea that allows you to play with the different faces of a clock. Hour an E-Ink display has one basically on the back LED is lit, but his face is not constant, i.e., you can change mood or fancy. Check the clock on the Internet and download on your kinda face it forth. Designers have the option to load for others to purchase their creativity to the online store. The possibilities with this are a watch endless

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